About us:

Our trading group is founded in February, 1994 which developed and made electronic accessories and units of the radio-electronic equipment. Since 1995 the group specializes on development and manufacture of units to color TV. Since 1997 we have entered on the market of importers of the CIS. The trading group Fox is the owner of trade marks openFox, Jeferson.

We are engaged wholesale deliveries of accessories and units: (remote controls, FBT, connectors, cables, antennas, speakers, multimeters) all known trade marks. The goods with our trade mark it is successfully realized in the market of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Moldova, Romania, Spain, the Great Britain. The politics of export trade is carried out by a principle of General Representations. Selling of the goods is realized through warehouses, networks of shops, supermarkets, the specialized markets.


In 2003 the new trade mark of our trade mark is registered. Also the registered trademarks openFox (DVD players, MP3 players, MPEG4 players, SAT receivers, TFT TVs, remote control, SAT converters, satellite dish and another) and Jeferson (automobile dynamics, home cinemas, amplifiers house and automobile, autoradio MP3/MPEG4/DVD and another). The new industrial line on which the goods passes the careful control and engineering testing before gets in sale is started.

The motto of our mark: « For us, as behind a stone wall ». Also we develop a network of regional representations.
We invite to cooperation of the partners interested in foreign trade activities